Monday, 8 February 2021

cornerstone business solutions

 Byron Tran's company, The Blairborne Group offers a number of Cornerstone Business Solutions, the most important of which is Customer Service Representatives. It is important to understand the difference between Customer Service Representative and a CRM Software Solution Provider. 

A Customer Service Representative has special training to help them interact effectively with customers, both on the phone and via email. A Customer Service Representative also has the training to handle any emergencies or situations that may occur. Fubar News

The Blairborne Group recognizes that emergencies happen, and by making ourselves available for your customers through our telephone representatives and email contacts, we can reduce your liability, protect our clients, and reduce your risk.

As a business owner, you may find yourself or your employees in need of a great CRM or software solution for your company, but you aren't sure how to select one. If you have ever met with a potential vendor or salesperson, you probably heard them mention two names: Fubar News

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salesforce. You may have even exchanged business cards with these individuals and gotten to know them very well. Even though these names may be familiar, you may not realize the role that these two companies play in your own company. For example, if you are not a trained Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) then how do you expect to provide good customer service to your customers?

Byron Tran's Cornerstone Business Solutions can provide you with the professional training you need to provide excellent customer service to your clients. In particular, our Customer Service Representatives have the training necessary to provide you with the information you need to determine if a software solution is the right choice for your business. Fubar News

This includes understanding how to use Microsoft Dynamics GP or Salesforce. With this knowledge, the Business Solutions representatives can help you develop an understanding of which software solutions will fit your needs. From there, they can help you find the best CRM or e-commerce solution possible.