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London is the capital of the United Kingdom and London is a 21st-century city and famous for his history going back to Roman days. And London is famous for his building and in the center of London and the imposing Houses of Parliament is also famous the iconic building ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey and there is also more famous places London as the Thames River and the most famous thing of London is the big wheel which provides very good views of entire city.

 United Kingdom or London education system

The united kingdom or the London education system is famous for his education system and all over the world his system of education is very famous all over the world people come to the united kingdom or to the London there are many famous school and university in the united kingdom or the London education and i am giving you the top ten school ,college and university .

  1. Imperial college London

  2. University college London

  3. King's college London

  4. London school of economics and political science

  5. Queen Mary university of London

  6. Royal Holloway university of London

  7. Birkbeck university of London

  8. School of oriental and African studies

  9. City university of London

  10. Brunel university

Imperial college London

Imperial College London is university in London the capital of the United Kingdom Imperial College is founded by Prince Albert's vision and he was famous for the area of culture he also founded many other institution the Royal Albert Hall, Imperial Institute, numerous museums, and the Royal Colleges that all of them is founded by Prince Albert's  and all of this is located in London United Kingdom (UK LONDON)

University college London

University College London is gernely  known as UCL since from 2005 by management of University College London and this University college is a major research university located in London United Kingdom (UK LONDON)

King's college London

King's College London is also a research university and it located in London, United Kingdom, and the founding of the college was in 1995 and these college is member institution of the federal University and college of London in London United Kingdom (UK LONDON)

London school of economics and political science

The London School of Economics is university of economics and political science and which is  located in London England or we can say that it located in London United Kingdom (UK LONDON) and this  college member institution of the federal University of London. London School of Political Science and Commerce all also can be very same that London School of commerce and economics but now days the school name is like this that London School of Economics and political science in the school the student are there to learn how to be e join politics and new way to serve them such as a political leader and make their country great progress and make their country economically strong in the school they learn how to become a good leader as well as how to run a country and maintain its economics


Queen Mary university of London

Queen Mary University of London is research university in London that it located in London United Kingdom (UK LONDON) and this  college member institution of the federal University of London.This university is very fantastic University of London UK and everywhere many people from doubt world and the the citizens of UK United Kingdom or the London citizen are also go to this university because of that this is very famous university of the the London and about 1 million 2.5 people are study in a year in the university these University are are located at Northern area of London by crossing the London Bridge which is very famous for his history because of that in World War 1 all World War II he has been passed away a to words and have a great history towards to the Romance world an era of history


Royal Holloway university of London

This university is very famous when was city of London UK  is the the United Kingdom and ruling all over the world  people are from many many kilometre come in there and study and there are very famous teachers who become most scientist Albert Einstein also studied there for some experiments


Birkbeck university of London

these University is based on a military okon the birkenhead drill was the most famous ok in the military history of London when in 1985 the military shape of America troop was going to the South Africa with their families and the accident and the show a very calm and become my hero by showing the heroes I'm in that point and accept that and save other lives and on the owner of these troops the university is open for the student that by the university name is Birkbeck university of London


School of oriental and African studies

The school of Oriental and African studies is based on the study of Africa when the Africans are very poor and they want to study in high level the man who open the school and African man but he was not he was very rich man and he opened the school for the Oriental and African pupils and the school name become the school of Oriental and African studies now a days there are many students from around the world come to the school and learn how to to grow plants and many other precious trees and other thing


City university of London

City University of London situated and located in South area of United State and it is the the city University of London that it all people of the city e come to teach University in 1974 because of that there is no more universities there is only one university in the London United Kingdom UK for the the student to study there people were come from many other cities to study there because of that the level of study and education is very high


Brunel university

Bernard University has ranked at the 10th best university in London UK United States United Kingdom the list of top university the rank of Colonel University is is that but the level of the study is not be less than any other these University has these on history because of that he is very old University and Ud becoming at the loan number is that Y because of that the student are coming very huge amount that why they cannot maintain the management that why the rank of the these University is at 10:00 how that the largest student number of the university is is bernal University these University is famous for his history and the number of the student because of that he has the topic number in our list that having student at last 1 million and 17 1000 student at one time in a class there are are 1800 student in a class for attending the class and that why is that because there are high level features from other countries come to teach their and that by the the many student of the university come to the university and study there this is by that is this university is very famous