Monday, 25 March 2019

Removal of the meeting with the army of the arbitrary army arrests, the meeting was held in the middle of the peace-to-side officials.

Removal of the meeting with the army of the arbitrary army arrests, the meeting was held in the middle of the peace-to-side officials. The emerging removal of the occupation of the occupied Kashmir. The Azizing Kashmir administration has been postponed the meeting on the army of the Indian army. The army is taking work from Lakhan. For the army of Kashmir, the army, the army, the head of the head, the Sadrog Muzaffarabad bus service and the eighth-day trade suspended the day and the effort of the eighth daily.
On Monday evening evening, on Monday evening on Monday, on Monday, the demand for Kashmir-linked Kashmir administration to discuss Kashmir-based trade and travel issues, including peace bridge collapsed with Chakothi Odyssey crossing point. The meeting between the Indian authorities and the meeting between the Indian authorities on the directives of the Indian Army was postponed by night.

Increase the concern of passengers and traders seeking cross-border passengers .According to details, Deputy Commissioner, twelve Mulai-e-Kashmir, Kashmir, on the eighth march of the Peace Bridge, on the eighth day through letter number DCB / PS / 2019/5635, Deputy Commissioner Due to partial breakdown, a meeting between officials of both sides on Sunday evening or four o'clock Sunday evening to discuss issues related to trade and trade issues, the Azad Kashmir authorities have been given the authority of the Azad Kashmir Trade Authority and the occupied Kashmir. Among the officials of Kashmir, between the two sides of the Kashmir administration, a sudden merged night of meeting was held on Monday evening. The administration of the state of Wahdah increased the concern of the travelers seeking LOC traders and cross-border travelers after the postponement of the closing meeting of the meeting between the concerned officials on the directive of the Indian Army. Murmati's work is seen hanging out, on the eighth day on 8th March, the Indian Army stopped saying that peace bridges could not afford the load of trucks by saying that cross-border control of Kashmir-based Kashmir-based trucks were controlled. Partially broken down due to that, on the other hand, on March 9, the trade authority of the occupied Kashmir traded by a letter written by Lecturer. For the death of the bridge from Kashmir authorities, fifteen-day timing demand was not started by the Indian army in the fifteen day, but the meeting was attended by Deputy Commissioner, twelve occupied Kashmir, with a meeting with independent Kashmir officials. After fixing the request, after the Indian Army's directive, the post-Kashmir Kashmir administration suspended the middle and night of unknown reasons for unknown causes. Due to unknown reasons, the military officials did not start the work of bridge collapse due to unknown reasons. The bus was unable to leave Muzaffarabad bus service, five buses of free from suspension, while in occupied Kashmir Three people of occupied Kashmir are trapped in Azad Kashmir, dozens of freight trucks carrying cross-border control on the other hand will not be able to cross the tenth day on Tuesday.