Thursday, 21 March 2019

Deputy High Commissioner Shah Mehmood said that Shaheed Abeb's body will be shifted to Khaki soon.

Deputy High Commissioner Shah Mehmood said that Shaheed Abeb's body will be shifted to Khaki soon.

According to the details, Deputy High Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Chief Commissioner, said that the cases of 7 Pakistanis who were martyred in the Crystal Church were handed over to heritage.

He said that tomorrow 8 terrorists will be handed over to the Pakistanis in the Crystal Church, while efforts are being made to pass Shaheed Abeb's death to Pakistan soon.

According to Deputy High Commission, Qamar-e-Islami, 9 Pakistani were killed in the Christian church attack.

The victim, who was martyred in the Cristist Church, was awarded the funeral prayers of Hafiz Musa Patel, from Haji Dawood and Faji.

on the other hand
New Zealand
Prime Minister Jeddah Alden announced the press release of automatic and nuclear automotive weapons during the press conference today that automotive and semi-automatic metal weapons were used in the attack on mosques.
The New Zealand Parliament honors the Honeywright Christian Church

 On March 19, the first meeting of the New Zealand Parliament after the Crisis Church, in which Prime Minister Jeddie Alden called the invaders to be a terrorist, offender and extremist.

The Prime Minister said that the attacker wanted a lot of his own acts of terrorism, which was one of the fame, that's why he would not get anywhere in his name.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jeddie Alden honored Pakistani Naeem Rashid during the meeting.
Firing in 2 mosques in New Zealand 'killed 49 people

 On March 15, terrorist attacks were carried out in New Zealand's two mosques, resulting in 49 women, including women, were killed and 20 were wounded.

The main attacker is identified as the 28-year-old Brenton Terent and is a Australian citizen, confirmed by the Australian government.


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